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Farmers require a commodities partner that understands their needs and provides top-notch service.

Our reach is the entirety of Atlantic Canada. We can deliver your agriculture products throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador. Our years of experience, coupled with product procurement enable us to effectively deliver products and service that meet the needs of livestock producers in Atlantic Canada.

Pictured are Coastal Agri Commodities owners Jeff Walker and Chris Nelson.


Happy Cows


Our priority is helping livestock producers meet their goals of production, animal health and farm profitability
through providing knowledgeable services, quality ingredients, and efficient transport to your farm.


Custom premixes for lactating dairy animals and the rest of your herd. We focus on utilizing available forages while working with on-farm mixing capabilities.

Mapleview Milk Replacer

SureStart + Deccox (26-26-17)
Rapidstart + Deccox (26-26-17)
Advanced Calf + Deccox (26-22-17)
We also carry ExpressStart and EasyStart

Calf and Heifer

20% Calf Starter Mash
20% Heifer Grower Pellet
Truvitalyte Calf Electrolytes
We also have winter calf coats

Dry Cow Supplements

Xzelite (Fine particle product)
• Calcium binder to control milk fever
Animate Anionic Minerals
•Help control milk fever in dry cows

Fat Supplements

High Palmitic Acid (96% min or 85% min)
Blended Palmitic, Steric, and Oleic Acid
Calcium Salts of long chain fatty acids

Feed Additives

Diamond V XP Yeats
Sodium Bicarbonate

Feed Management

Microprop 55
A microgranular mold inhibitor for inclusion into TMR to stabilize bunk and prevent heating

Stall & Yard

Ground Gypsum
Hydrated Lime
Calcium Chloride for dust control

Hoof Care

Copper Sulfate
Acidified Copper Sulfate
Zinc Sulfate

Silage Plastics

30” bale wrap
48” & 51” net wrap
Polyethylene bunker covers
Oxygen limiting bunker films
One layer oxygen limiting bunker covers
Reusable UV bunker covers


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